It’s about time for you to:

✔ Get up in the morning with a smile on your face and a packed schedule 😉.

✔ Start making bank for YOU and not for some CEO who doesn’t look you in the eye at meetings.

✔ Take a vacation whenever you want, to wherever you want, for however long you want, without asking anyone for permission.

✔ Build a career that you can see yourself enjoying forever.


✔ Introduction

✔ Extensive Adhesives Knowledge

✔ Swarovski Crystal Material       

✔ Details on Dental Cleanings

✔ Whitening Procedure around Tooth Gems

✔ Aftercare

✔ Gem Placement

✔ FAQ’s

✔ Business 101  


✔ 1 Professional Curing Machine

✔ 20 Clear Swarovski Crystals


✔ All 3 Adhesives

✔ 10 Cheek Retractors, 100 Application Brushes, 10 Dental Bibs 

✔ Dental Mouth (for practice)

✔ 1 Protective Glasses

✔ 1 Mini Electronic Fan

✔ Hands On Training & Live Demonstration, Access to Express Online Ordering, Continued Business Support 

Close-Up Interactive Video

Watch and learn as we demonstrate Tooth Gem Application using only dental adhesives and explanations as we apply the gems!

Verbal Training Manual

Listen as we explain Bond, Etch, Flow, how to whiten and apply gems, materials and restricts and step by step instructions!

A verbal manual ensures you have a clear and quick understanding of the teeth and gem application process.

Tooth Gem Training Price

To Combine Teeth Whitening Training:

Complete the Tooth Gem Training enrollment, on the "confirmation page" you will be prompted to add a discounted Teeth Whitening Training. This course can only be discounted if combined with Teeth Whitening Training.


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Includes Free Kit


Tooth Gem Training

We are so excited to get you up and running, we handpick each kit ourselves!

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