Let’s get you up and running in no time

You don’t need to be a dentist with years of training to run a profitable teeth whitening business. 

All you really need is a clear understanding of teeth. 

Even if you’re just starting out and wondering how to get better whitening results — we're here to help.


✔ Introduction                     

✔ Terminology 

✔ Social Media                  

✔ Anatomy Of The Mouth 

✔ Comparison                     

✔ Teeth Numbering System

✔ Whitening Procedure              

✔ Sanitization

✔ Aftercare                       

✔ FAQ’s

✔ Business 101  

✔ Types Of Stains & When A Dentist is Needed  


✔ 1 Professional Standing Teeth Whitening Machine

✔ 1 Shade Guide 

✔ Coconut Brand - 2 Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel (this will whiten 10 clients)

✔ Coconut Brand - 1 Vegan Teeth Whitening Gel (this will whiten 5 clients)

✔ 10 Cheek Retractors, 10 Brush Up, 10 Gum Protection Applications, 10 Application Brushes & 10 Dental Bibs 

✔ Aftercare Products (this will cover 20 clients)

✔ 1 Protective Glasses

✔ Detailed Training Manual & Downloadable Consent & Medical History Forms, Covid-19 Forms, Social Media & Whitening Checklists

✔ Hands On Training & Live Demonstration, Access to Express Online Ordering, Continued Business Support

Interactive Videos

Our training was filmed during a live class with 6 REAL students! We intentionally filmed during a real class to create an online training that represents a 1:1 session with us!

You don't have to read your lengthy manual, we verbally go through our manual with you page by page to ensure you understand!

Downloadable Content

Download your manual, consent forms, aftercare card and much more! Save all this content to your phone or computer for future use and customization.