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Sanitization E-Course

This training is designed to provide additional health and safety knowledge to beauty industry professionals.

Primarily dedicated to salon and spa safety, this course will give you insights on recommendations from public health and a list of sanitization product manufacturers.

Upon completion a printable certificate will be issued from Think Coconut!

This course is not affiliated with public health and is only to be referred to for additional support. We do not guarantee you will comply with all health and safety regulations and you should always consult with your local authorities. Guidelines may vary by city/country.

What You'll Learn:

Public Health Requirements

Sanitization Abbreviations

Salon Green Pass Testing

Covid-19 Display Settings

Sink and Sanitization Signage

Washroom Signage Needs

Barbershop, Nails & Beauty Salon Checklists

& Much More

Downloadable FREE Content

• 3 COVID-19 Forms

• 7 Modern Washroom Signs

• Sanitization Sink Sign

• Sanitization Checklist

• Mini Quiz

• List of Our Favourite Suppliers

• Certificate of Completion from Think Coconut

• Downloadable Training Manual

*NEW* Verbal Training Manual

Our verbal manual helps you quickly understand our whitening process. No more reading lengthy manuals to gain a little bit of knowledge. Listen with headphones while you go about your day!

Express Sanitization E-Course Curriculum

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