✔ Detailed Training Manual

✔ Sugar Warmer

✔ Top Quality Sugar Paste, drenched in Essentials Oils (for 20 Clients)

✔ Dry Brush

✔ Revitalizing Aftercare Products

✔ Full Body Coconut Cleanser

✔ Professional Strips & Sticks

✔ Latex Free Gloves

✔ Coconut Prepping Powder

✔ Hands On Training & Live Demonstration, Access to Express Online Ordering, Aftercare and Consent Forms, Continued Business Support 


✔ Introduction

✔ Consultation

✔ Hair Growth      

✔ Sugar Sticking

✔ Sugar Types

✔ Strip Application

✔ Skin Sensitivity 

✔ Application

✔ Aftercare Products

✔ Hands On Training

✔ Aftercare Products

6 Interactive Videos

Watch and sugar along with Think Coconut! Using real models and our mannequin face to demonstrate full body and facial sugaring!

Verbal Training Manual

Listen as we explain Anatomy, Physiology, Your Kit, Consultation, Sanitization, Skin Irritation, Infections, Pre & Post Care and Step by Step Instructions!

A verbal manual ensures you have a clear and quick understanding of the skin and hair removal process.

Online Sugaring Training Enrollment

To Combine Spray Tan Training:

Complete the Sugaring Training enrollment, on the "confirmation page" you will be prompted to add a discounted Spray Tan Training. This course can only be discounted if combined with Spray Tan Training.


Online Sugaring Training

Join the revolutionary, booming industry... SUGARING! We’ve got your back — every step of the way.

Our class is perfectly tailored to meet you at the beginning of your sugaring journey, so you always feel supported, no matter what challenges you face..