Teeth Whitening Refresher

It's finally here! We have received requests from around the world for a refresher class that will show you how to whiten teeth the Think Coconut way! Our original program has taught hundreds of business owners how to lift external stain, identify problem areas and understand teeth in depth.

This class will remind you of basic teeth whiten skills, train you on advance techniques and provide you with solutions to whiten the toughest clients.

Downloadable Manual

This class includes a detailed downloadable training manual, product knowledge booklet and 6 dental case studies.

Download and save all your content to your computer or phone then access your documents, anytime - anywhere!

Interactive Training Videos

Enjoy 4 interactive training videos from your basic teeth whitening skills to our most advance techniques! This course will refresh all of your skills while providing you with tons of new content and educational material.

Verbal Manual

Our verbal manual helps you quickly understand our whitening process. No more reading lengthy manuals to gain a little bit of knowledge. Listen with headphones while you go about your day!

Proof Of Completed Training

After purchasing, Think Coconut will contact you for proof of training from your original trainer. This may be subject to verification. You can skip this step by emailing your old certificate of completion to:

[email protected]

You will gain access 24 hours after you purchase to give Think Coconut time to verifiy your old certificate of completion.

After training you will receive a certificate signed by Think Coconut!

Case Study #1

Can you identify what you're looking at? How would you whiten this client if they walked into an appointment with you? Let's find out! During our first case study you'll know exactly what this is and how to lift all the stains successfully.

-Think Coconut

Case Study #3

If you're uncomfortable or confused looking at this, you're in the right place! During our third case study you'll gain a complete understanding of what is pictured above and how to handle this client.

Case Study #4

Can you identify these problem areas? Would you cause harm to this clients teeth? During this case study we break down the difficulties and explain how to avoid the problem areas.

Please Note: This Class Does NOT include a training kit

All students qualify for 15% off on all Think Coconut products!


Refresher Teeth Whitening Training

Already completed a Teeth Whitening Course but still struggling? This course is perfect for you! Learn our basic, advanced and dental whitening skills now.

You must provide your certificate of completion from your original Teeth Whitening Training instructor to qualify.