Online Training Includes:

✔ Industry's Best Machinery

✔ Detailed Training Manual

✔ Live Demonstrations

✔ Professional Training Kits for 20+ Clients

✔ Downloadable Consent Forms

✔ Printable Covid-19 Signage and Forms

✔ Instant Certificate of Completion

✔ Continued Student Support

✔ Lifetime Access

✔ VIP Savings On All Products

✔  Express Shipping

It’s about time for you to:

✔ Get up in the morning with a smile on your face and a packed schedule.

✔ Start making bank for YOU and not for some CEO who doesn’t look you in the eye at meetings.

✔ Take a vacation whenever you want, to wherever you want, for however long you want, without asking anyone for permission.

✔ Build a career that you can see yourself enjoying forever.

Interactive Videos

With over 30 interactive videos Think Coconut demonstrates comprehensive Online Beauty Classes easy for anyone to succeed!

Downloadable Files

All classes include a variety of downloadable training manuals, forms, checklists, consent forms, aftercare cards and customizable templates.

Download and save all your content to your computer or phone. Access your worksheets, anytime - anywhere!