Online Training Includes:

✔ Industry's Best Machinery

✔ Detailed Training Manual

✔ Live Demonstrations

✔ Professional Training Kits for 20+ Clients

✔ Downloadable Consent Forms

✔ Printable Covid-19 Signage and Forms

✔ Instant Certificate of Completion

✔ Continued Student Support

✔ Lifetime Access

✔ VIP Savings On All Products

✔  Express Shipping

Interactive Videos

With over 30 interactive videos Think Coconut demonstrates comprehensive Online Beauty Classes easy for anyone to succeed!

Downloadable Files

All classes include a variety of downloadable training manuals, forms, checklists, consent forms, aftercare cards and customizable templates.

Download and save all your content to your computer or phone. Access your worksheets, anytime - anywhere!

It’s about time for you to:

✔ Get up in the morning with a smile on your face and a packed schedule 😉.

✔ Start making bank for YOU and not for some CEO who doesn’t look you in the eye at meetings.

✔ Take a vacation whenever you want, to wherever you want, for however long you want, without asking anyone for permission.

✔ Build a career that you can see yourself enjoying forever.

Long Weekend Sale

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